SassArt Services

Studio Services

The Sassart studio specializes in bespoke designs, handmade items, the restoration of jewellery, repairs and making customers happy!

By entrusting your jewels to Sassart you will continue to preserve your beloved pieces for years to come.

Bespoke Handmade Remakes

The bespoke service offers the opportunity to collaborate with our clients to design a handmade piece of jewellery to your specific requirements. Working directly with Sally, it will result in a finished piece of unique design of distinguish. Stones for your requirements can be sourced specifically, or Sally is happy to work with your own stones and metal. Similarly, she is delighted to work with vintage and estate pieces to reset and redesign or remake the piece.


This service is performed on rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, and basically anything that needs modification! It consists of increasing, reducing, removing, and adding to the item as much as possible. In the equipped Sassart studio Sally preforms all the tasks of resizing, soldering, and retipping. All options and suggestions will be discussed prior to commencement to ensure the best results. If pre arranged the repair may be done while you wait. All repairs include cleaning of the piece.


Sally love nothing more than restoring a loved item back to its wearable form. With over 22 years of experience the Sassart studio is fully equipped to take on any challenge. If the restoration of the item is not going to be truly successful alternatives will be discussed.


If you would like to give some of your old jewellery a new lease of life, or would like to recycle some of your sentimental or vintage jewellery into something unique and more suited to you, email or call us for a chat about what’s possible.

Group catch up and private classes

The SassArt studio is the perfect place to host a fun catch up with friends, a fantastic space to sit, have a coffee while having your jewellery professionally cleaned and assessed, to ask questions, talk remodelling, look at an array of gemstones and stock and design your own creation. A course can also be tailored for you all to create a piece of jewellery while in the studio.

Jewellery cleaning and Polishing

Sassart always want your jewellery to look its best. This service makes it possible to give your piece its original sparkling appearance if it has become dull over time. Sally will clean your Sassart jewellery complimentary with a professional clean in the studio. Sally will check your items and give you any updates on the condition and wear at this time, also with helpful hints on how to clean and keep your jewellery between visits.

This service includes diagnosing the piece, enhancing the metal by machine polishing, removing light scratches, dull patches and oxidizing. The pieces are immersed into an ultrasonic cleaner being able to reach the less assessable parts.

Polishing the metal is a more labour intensive service than cleaning, and given that a fine layer of metal is removed it is not recommended that this is done more than once a year.

This service does not include rhodium plating.

Rhodium Plating

Rhodium is metal of the platinum family that is a liquefied and thinly covers white gold to enhance the whiteness and brilliance of white gold. The process of plating involves polishing the item to remove all traces of old plating for the new layer to attach to. After polishing and ultrasonic cleaning the item is immersed into a succession of baths to remove all traces of polishing oils before a new deposit of rhodium is attached.

Due to individual wear of each item there is no timeline for how long it will last. As a fine layer of metal is removed when polishing it is not recommended that this service is done more than once a year.

Restringing and Threading

Sally is a certified stringer and does it all onsite. There are a number of options with what and how to string that can be discussed and shown in the studio. It is recommended that all beaded necklaces and bracelets be checked annually and be rethreaded every 24 months.

Watch repairs

General repairs to the outer casing and shortening of bands are done in the sassart studio. Sassart are affiliated to qualified watchmakers and offers the service of all repairs and general maintenance of the movements.

Packaging and Gift wrapping

There is nothing like presentation to compliment your jewellery. Sassart offers free gift wrapping with a variety of options for you to choose.


Sassart can provide you with a retail valuation for insurance purposes, including detailed photographs or an independent certified valuation.

Insurance Claims

Sassart is well equipped to ensure that any insurance claims dealt with in a seamless and timely fashion. It is never under pleasant circumstances that this service is needed. Sassart are happy to liaison wit the insurance companies on your behalf and can remake or replace the items to the insurance values and to your specifications.

Gift vouchers

Not sure what to get? Sassart are happy to supply a gift voucher. You are able choose your own amount or if you’d like to keep the amount undisclosed, a personal message.

Corporate gifts

Sassart understands how important your own clients and the people you work with are. Sally would be happy to work with you to develop a bespoke unisex or gender specific gift for staff or clients that aptly reflects your brand. Sally works close with other manufacturers and can offer many options to fit all budgets.