The Birthday Ring

Birthday Ring

What do you get a girl that has everything and buys herself anything she admires??? Diamonds of course!

Rhonda had the stones extracted from her neglected jewellery set together into a single statement piece eventuating to a 104 paved diamond domed ring, that is four times the weight of a standard ring. There was one oval diamond remaining that I hammer set into a plain domed pinky ring to match the other.

So for her milestone birthday, Rhonda’s family and friends all joined together and brought all varying sized diamonds. Her mother contributed one of her own diamond rings from which I took the initial stones, kick starting the diamond drive.
I was able to cater to everyone’s’ budget, individually boxing each order so that Rhonda could be presented with the stones from each person

And the result… a beautiful sparkling meaningful symbol representing her milestone birthday and that of the people that contributed to it and that Rhonda can wear everyday and remind herself of what she means to her family and friends.

The Birthday Ring